Colorado House Rejects Bill That Would Repeal Magazine Limit

Democrats in Colorado’s state legislature are apparently not learning too much by the recall of two state senators and a looming recall forcing the resignation of a third.

Today, Democrats in the Colorado House’s House State Affairs committee, voted along party lines to reject a bill which would have removed the magazine limit that is currently in place in the state (15 rounds).

Some law enforcement officers have voiced concerns that the magazine ban is almost completely unenforceable. Standard capacity magazines bought in other states are indistinguishable from “pre-ban” magazines that are currently allowed under the current Colorado law.

To date, I do not beleive anyone has been arrested or encountered issues with the magazine capacity limit law.

According to the Denver Post, despite the recall of two Democratic senators, Democrats are doubling down on gun control,

But Democrats on the committee and supporters called limits on ammunition magazines a necessary law in the wake of 2012 mass shootings at an Aurora movie theater and an elementary school in Newtown, Conn.

Democrats last year passed bills that also include background checks on all gun sales and transfers, fees for the background checks, limits to online training for concealed carry permits and a measure restricting those convicted of domestic violence offenses from having firearms.

Gun rights advocates hope that anti-gun lawmakers will be defeated in the November elections, which would likely lead to the overturning of the gun control bills passed last year in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting.

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